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Donate to the Server

Make sure to include your in-game username with your purchase!

A donation is just that; no perks or anything else, just a simple donation for a configurable amount which will go towards the cost of the server and website. You may keep it anonymous or provide your username at checkout if you would like recognition ♡

A Custom NPC can have various lines to say at random, can follow a walking path or roam a certain area, give you items at certain intervals (like how Nigel give you fish once a day at spawn), and can be in different forms not only human. There are so many possibilities and customisation options, talk to a staff member in game after buying to have them set one up for you 1 on 1 to get it exactly how you want!

The Custom Morph works in a similar way; there are many customisation posibilites (All staff members have their own special morph created in the same way, just ask to see them in game!). For example, you can change individual part proportions, have any skin you want, wings, ears, tail, cape, you could even be a customised creeper or wolf! Just like above, talk to a staff member after buying to set one up for you!