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Q: My game takes forever to load/crashes while loading!


Make sure you dedicate more ram than the default 1Gb; if you can, use at least 4Gb however if you allocate more than your computer can use it will default back to 1Gb. Go to your launcher and click the three lines in the top right corner and go to Launch Options. Make sure to enable Advanced Settings then select which profile you want to edit (By default this should be named the Forge version you installed). On the JVM Arguements line change the "1" in -Xmx1G to the amount of ram you would like to use. Click Save and run your game!
To find out how much ram your computer has:
Windows 7:
Go to Start, and right click on Computer and select Properties. Simply look for the Installed Memory (RAM) section.
Windows 10:
Simply open up your Task Manager with Ctrl+Alt+Del, click on More Details and go to the Permormance tab.
Click on the Apple Symbol in the top left corner, then go to About This Mac.

Q: I can't download the Lucky Blocks Mod?


Some people had reported issues with the Lucky Block Mod if they downlaoded it through the Safari browser on a Mac, causing their game to not load. If you have this problem, try downloading through a different browser like Google Chrome.

Q: I can't find an answer to my question.


Head on over to the forums and post your issue in the help section along with any additional information you think may help us. We'll get back to you as soon as we can (generally within a couple hours)!