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Claiming land with RedProtect

Make sure to claim your land one way or another to prevent griefing! We cannot rollback or provide compensation if your land was not claimed.

The plugin that we use for claiming land is RedProtect. This allows you to get a wand, select opposite corners and claim the area, then adjusting what are called 'flags' to your liking.
  1. You can use any ol' glass bottle or [/rp wand] to claim land. Use left click on one corner of the area you want to claim, then right click on the opposite corner. You will see a glowstone outline of the area you have claimed.
  2. Next, there will be in-game instructions on how to actually claim that area because right now, you have only visualised it! The command is [/rp claim name], with 'name' beign whatever you would like your claim to be called.
  3. Once you have created your claim, you may do [/rp flag] that will bring up a simple to use GUI. Here you can control many things like mob spawning, flying, passive mobs, crop growth, etc etc. Just be aware that if passive spawning is off no animals may be bred or released from capsules (Mo'Creatures Pet Amulets or Golden Lasso's for example).
It really is as simple as that. It is possible to create cities or towns with regions inside other regions. To add other users to be able to build and access containers, use the command [/rp addmember username].