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Money Making for Beginners

In game money, of course! Originally written by fa1ry, edited for current info.

There are two different kinds of currency on the server; Physical and Non-Physical.

Non-Physical Currency
This is the currency that you can use to sell and buy from player shops, and is obtained by having a [/job]. You can always check how much of this currency you have by doing [/bal].

Physical Currency
This kind of currency you can get by playing the React chat game, or by trading in your Non-Physical currency. To do this, use the commands [/itembuy money #] for notes or [/itembuy coins #] for coins. Notes are worth $100 while coins are worth $25. On the flip side of the coin (pun intended) you can always trade back your Physical currency into Non-Physical currency with [/itemsell money/coins #] instead.You can then use this currency to trade with the NPC villagers at spawn, by either buying or selling various goods with them.

The Farmer's Market (Pete)
Pete is just your neighbourhood derpy farmer, who has the best intentions. You can sell your harvestables like Wheat, Carrot, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Melons, Beetroot, and Apples to him for some extra cash.

Player Shops
In the future there will be plots available at spawn that you can rent and set up your own player shops that other users can buy from. This is currently unavailable and while you may still set up a player shop wherever in the world you would like, users will not be able to buy from it with claimed land.